Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ready for Labor & Delivery

Well, this is my last post until I have baby Tyler. Today is my due date and baby Ty is just not wanting to come out on his own. Scott & I went to the doctor and were really hoping they would just tell us to come back later for an induction. I mean, I am miserable. The only time I am comfortable is when I am standing, but when I am standing... my feet swell! The doctors appointment was just like any other I have recently had. I was still 2 cm and 60% effaced. No progress at all since last week and Tyler still has not dropped. I say it's b/c he wants to be the closest to my <3.... After discussing what options we had and then what the doctor recommended, we decided to come back tonight and start the induction process. My doctor is just afraid that with him being such a big baby, she doesn't want me to wait any longer and for him to keep on packing the pounds on. Yeah, me either.... I don't even want to try and deliver a 10 lbs. baby. She also told Scott & I to get in the mind set that we may have to have a c-section. This is also b/c of his size and she is not sure that he will drop b/c I am so narrow and he is just a porker! I am up for anything at this point. I asked her to not let me labor for long if she doesn't see me delivering him vaginally. I do not want to be worn out after hours and hours of labor and then find out that we will have to do a c-section.
We are to report to the hospital at midnight tonight and they will begin the induction. They will start me off with something that will help to soften my cervix. Then in the morning, they will start me on Pitocin, to help start contractions and induce labor. They will then break my water and see if I start progressing. I am feeling so many emotions. Excited, anxious, scared, nervous and every other emotion possible. I am scared to death of needles so I am going to have to get over that reallly quick. I mean, the first time I had an IV was when I had surgery on my finger in May. And, the first time I had blood drawn was when I found out I was pregnant. I am not as nervous as I was with my finger surgery and I think it's because I know that in the end, I get to hold my baby boy. I will do anything for that.
We are taking my laptop with us to the hospital since Scott has homework and a couple papers due on Friday. We will be sure to post pictures and get some updates going.... Keep us in your prayers.....

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  1. Thinking about you today!! SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!!