Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Labor & Delivery Story

It's been such a long time since I have posted anything. I wanted to write about our experience with having a baby......

The night started with us going to Jimmy Johns for my last meal before being induced. I have never loved a Turkey Tom sandwich so much. After we ate dinner, I cleaned the house and did a bunch of laundry. I got all of Tyler's things ready and made sure his room was just perfect. I took a nap with my puppies since they would be home alone for a couple days. Finally 11:30 pm came and we were packing the car with hospital bags and the car seat. This is about the time my belly started churning. I was getting so nervous... I kept thinking,"the next time I'm home, I'll be a mom" I eventually just started crying.... I have never felt some many emotions. We arrived at Suburban around 11:50 and got checked in to Labor & Delivery. We got to our room and got comfy... watching TV and just talking. The nurse gave me a pill at 1 am to start the process. I tried to sleep but with all the beeping and nurses coming in and out of my room, I barely got any. Scott slept like a baby but I had to keep waking him up to help me go to the bathroom..... At 5 am the nurse gave me another pill and told me to get some sleep. By this time I was feeling my contractions. I was getting really nervous seeing as 9 am was coming up and I was scared of the Pitocin. I had heard that it makes your contractions a lot stronger then they would have been if you would have gone on your own. Around 7:30, my sister in law Heather came to see me and to relieve Scott so he could go let the dogs out. At 8:45 the nurse started my pitocin and to check my progress. She said I was only 1 cm and was 90% thinned out. 15 minutes later my doctor came in to break my water.... Let me just say that this is the weirdest feeling in the world. I felt like I was peeing on myself every couple of minutes. Almost immediately my contractions began to intensify. I wasn't ready for my epidural quite yet so they gave me Demerol to "take the edge off" This stuff made me feel so drunk... I couldn't focus on anything. It didn't help the pain at all, just made me relax. My mom came up just after that, and then my dad & step mom stopped by. Around 12 pm Scott's mom & dad came by to see how things were progressing. I was having the strongest contractions and they were all in my back. I asked the nurse and she said that it was from the way that Tyler was laying. They had my hunch over the food tray and had Scott rub my back during each contraction. My contractions were coming every 3 minutes so we still had a while. We thought we would have the baby later in the evening so Scott and his parents decided to go to lunch since he hadn't eaten all day. Right when Scott left the contractions intensified and were getting closer together and were making me really light headed. My mom stepped in and continued to rub my back. I was getting very frustrated and kept telling her that she wasn't doing it right. I started crying and saying that I couldn't do this anymore. I was holding on to the bed rail and started blacking out and sliding off the bed. I came to and told my mom she had to tell the nurse I was ready for the epidural. Dr. Case came in to check me and I had gotten to 6 cm and 100% thinned out. I was shocked I got that far with out the epidural. Once the anesthesiologist came in, he kicked everyone out and began to numb me up. Scott was still at lunch so my mom had to call him and tell him what all was going on. He hurried back and came into the room as they were giving me the epidural. The nurse made him stay behind the curtain and he was not too happy about that. He wanted to hold my hand and make sure I was okay since I am scared of needles. I can honestly say that it wasn't too bad. I was in so much pain I didn't really care. Within 15 minutes, I was numb from the waist down and feeling good. I was having all kinds of contractions but couldn't feel a one. Around 2:30, the nurses came rushing into my room and said that Tylers heart rate was dropping. They threw an oxygen mask on me and had me lay on my left side for a couple minutes. Nothing changed, so they had me lay on my right side.... Still nothing. They raised the bottom of the bed and lowered the top so my head was towards the ground to keep Tyler from dropping anymore. They said that they were afraid that the cord was wrapped around his neck. When nothing had helped with his heartrate, Dr. Case came in to let me know they had to do an emergency c-section. I was so scared and in shock. My mom started crying b/c she was scared for me and she wanted to be there but hospital rules state that only 1 person is allowed during a c-section. Everyone came to give me hugs and wish me luck and they wheeled me off to the OR. Scott had to go get his scrubs on while they prepped me for surgery. I was so cold during all of this so they had warm blankets to lay across my arms so I would shake as much. Scott finally got into the OR and sat next to me and held my hand. It was the weirdest feeling b/c I could feeling them pushing and pulling but no pain. I layed there for what felt like forever but was only a couple minutes and the doctor said "well, you're going to have a baby in 60 seconds." Immediately I started crying and Scott stood up to see them pull Tyler out. I felt the biggest weight lifted off my belly and heard his little cry. It was amazing. They called out that he was 8 lbs. 12 oz and 21 inches long. They kept talking about how beautiful and big he was. I couldn't wait to see him and hold him. Scott brought him over to me and I couldn't get enough of him. I hated that I couldn't hold him though. After they closed me up, they wheeled Tyler and myself off to recovery. My mom & dad were the first ones from the waiting room to come see him. Then Bruce & Rhonda, then my step mom and step dad, then my brother Eric (Tyler's godfather) and Heather and then Scotts grandfather. We stayed in recovery for an hour so that I could feed him and have some bonding time with him. We finally went to our postpartum room and it was filled with people. They took Tyler off to the nursery so everyone left me in the room and ran down to see him. It was nice to have a little quite so that I could eat and relax... I mean, I hadn't eaten anything in 17 hours. My mom and Tom got me fried pickles from Hooters and Scott brought me a slice of chocolate cake from Red Lobster... healthy, I know.

The rest of the time in the hospital was kind of a blur. I was on so many pain medications that I couldn't tell you what day it was. I do know that January 20 was the best day of my life. I prepared myself for how labor was going to be and it was nothing like I thought. I left the hospital saying I would do that over and over again. It was like all the pain from labor didn't exhist. I love my little guy so much. I never knew that this kind of love exhisted. This is the best thing to happen to Scott & I. It has changed our relationship for the better. We don't let the little bickering turn into something big. I can't wait to see Tyler grow up (not too fast though) and see what the future holds for the 3 of us as a family.

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  1. That made me cry. Twice. I am so happy for you guys!! How scared you must have been when they told you about the emergency c-section...I can't even imagine. Well, Congratulations again, and enjoy every moment!!