Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still Waiting....

So, Here I sit at 39 weeks and 2 days along, waiting patiently for my little boy to make his appearance. I went to the doctor on Monday and found that I have made some progress. I am 2cm dilated and 60% thinned out!! Finally, something is going good. While I was there, my doctor went ahead and stripped my membranes.... OUCH! I had no idea what she was doing. I thought we were just having a normal appointment but while down "there" she said "I'm gonna try and get things going"... I had no clue what she was talking about. She took her finger and separated the water sac from my cervix to try and get some contractions going. After that very painful and uncomfortable experience, she told me it's a 50/50 chance it would work...Um, I'm sorry... WHAT?! I was pretty crampy all day after my appointment. I was really hoping that it was the BIG day... But to my surprise, it wasn't. I woke up the next day and noticed that I had lost my mucus plug... It's the grossest thing I have ever seen. But from everything I had read, it meant my body was preparing for labor... WooHoo. I got Scott up and we went to Garden Ridge so I could do some walking and also get a box for Tyler's toys. Finally the contractions started coming on... They were coming about every 10 to 12 minutes but they weren't what I was expecting. I was expecting to be curled up with pain but this was more of my belly tightening and it was hard for me to take a deep breathe. At first, I didn't think this was the real thing, but after talking to my mom, she said that's exactly how hers were. All night on Tuesday I was having these kind of contractions and was getting really excited... Could this be the night I meet our son? After walking, bouncing on the exercise ball and going up and down stairs... I decided that it wasn't the night and I should just head to bed. I woke up Wednesday for work and noticed I was still having contractions. Still about every 10 to 12 minutes. I worked all day and decided I was going to try everything I could to have this baby last night. I bounced, walked, ran up the stairs, ate spicy foods and took a hot bath. Still nothing... Thursday morning came and NO CONTRACTIONS! Are you kidding me?? I could have sworn I would have him before the weekend. As the afternoon has gone on, the contractions are slowly coming back. I am going to go walking after work and try to keep these going. I am positive that Scott will go to work tomorrow night and I will go into labor. I just know that this little boy has to make a grand entrance. I am getting so anxious to meet him and to kiss his little face! I am not even worried about the delivery anymore b/c I just want to have him. I want to bring him home and show him his big sisters, Lexie & Daisy. I go to the doctor on Tuesday, my due date. We have decided that if I haven't had him by then, we will go ahead and schedule an induction. So I keep telling myself that next Wednesday, I'm going to be a mommy. A real mommy. I'm already a mommy to my puppies but I am going to have a son and this is so surreal to me. I have everything ready at the office for my departure. My last day is tomorrow... WooHoo! I can't believe I am going to be away from this place for 6 weeks. Though I don't think that it's long enough, I am still going to take it and run with it.

In other news, Scott is now in school. He started back last week but with the snow, he only went one day. He has told me that he feels pretty old. I keep reminding him that he is 10 years older then most of the people in these classes. He will go to UL till May 2011 and then he will go to Sullivan's Pharmacy School. He will be there for 3 years and then he will graduate a pharmacist. I am so proud of him for making this decision. I know with Tyler coming, it has kind of lite a spark under his butt to get things going. The plan is for him to stay home with Tyler on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we will just have a sitter or one of our moms watch the remaining days. I don't want to put Tyler in a daycare at all! Really ever. I would love for him to stay with a sitter till he gets to preK and he can go to Our Lady of Lourdes.

Well I need to finish getting my office cleaned and prepared. You never know... Tonight could be the night! Wish us luck!

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