Monday, August 31, 2009


We picked out the bedding for Tyler's room. We are going with a sports theme. I wanted to do something very boyish and not too neutral. We are going to paint the walls two colors and put a sports theme border in the middle. We are doing navy walls on the bottom and tan on the top. This way, when he is in his drawing on everything stage, the navy won't show as much.

We have also picked out the furniture for his room. We are doing a rustic cherry wood crib and dresser/changing table combo.

Our little boy has a name!

We have finally decided on a name to call our little boy...


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

19 weeks

Vernix caseosa, a greasy white substance made of lanugo, oil and dead skin cells (yum) now coats baby's skin, shielding it from the amniotic fluid. (Picture yourself after a nine-month bath, and the need for protection makes sense.) You might actually get to see the vernix at birth, especially if baby is premature.

How far along: 19 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 8 lbs. gain
Maternity clothes: That's all I can wear now. I am all belly though.
Stretch marks: None
Sleep: Like a baby
Best moment : Our ultrasound
Movement: I feel him more & more everyday
Food cravings: Spicy foods...
Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: none
Belly Button in or out: In but coming out
What I miss: Wearing normal cute VS underwear... I wear all maternity underwear.
What I am looking forward to: Picking out a name
Milestones: Finding out we are having a boy

It's a BOY!

We found out yesterday that we are having a baby boy!! Scott & I couldn't be more thrilled. When we saw his little boy parts, my heart melted. I knew this was going to be mommy's boy. I think I had the motherly instinct all along, this whole time, I said boy. The doctor said that everything looks great. He weighs 10 oz. and his heartrate was 144. He was being such a show off during the ultrasound.... He was waving to us almost the whole time. The doctor would shake my belly and he would start stretching out. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Right after we went to the doctor, we went to breakfast with my mom @ Wild Eggs.... That place is SO good! After breakfast, Scott & I went to the mall to buy our first blue things for our baby boy. I must admit, that I went a little crazy. Boys have the cutest clothes. I was already picking out his first Easter outfit... haha! I have a feeling that this little boy is going to be spoiled.

Here are the ultrasound pictures:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18 weeks

Your fetus has become amazingly mobile (at least compared to you), passing the hours yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing. And, baby's finally big enough that you'll be able to feel those movements soon.

WooHoo! I am now 4 months pregnant and feeling great. I am feeling little one moving all day now and I love every second of it. We have 1 week till we find out the sex. I had another dream last night that it's a boy.... This will be the third one. I keep catching myself calling it "he". We have been tossing around some names and I am sure we are using Shane as the first name. We can't decide if we should use Daniel or Douglas for the middle name. Daniel is Scott's first name and a family name on my side and Douglas is his dad's middle name and his brother's first name. I think Shane Douglas Huelsman flows really well. But I let this be up to Scott so we'll find out. We have been looking at some consumer reports on strollers and other baby items and quite frankly... I'm exhausted. There are good and bad things about everything. I have already gotten my diaper bag. My mom bought me a Coach graffiti diaper bag for my 26th birthday. I never thought the day would come when I would want baby stuff for my bday. I absolutely love it.... It's very big and it's also reversible, so it's like 2 diaper bags in 1.

This past weekend was my birthday. It started with my puppies waking me up at 8:30 and taking them outside. I decided that I needed more sleep so I curled up on the couch with my pillow and blanket and fell back asleep for about an hour. I got up and scrubbed our house. My dad & stepmom were coming over so I did the dusting and carpet cleaning and other household things that don't get done everyday. My dad & stepmom came over about 5:45 and we headed to El Nopal for my birthday dinner. I love mexican so I was very happy. It was good to visit with them since they were leaving for a trip to Las Vegas the next day. After dinner, we went to our favorite new hangout... LOWES! We are trying to get the little things around the house done. We then headed to Target to spend my birthday gift cards. I got an amazing body pillow that is really helping me sleep at night. Lexie even likes to sleep on it. Overall I had a pretty good birthday. I used my birthday money to buy myself a new birthstone ring... I love it!

I will be posting my 18 week picture later on today.
How far along: 18 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Not sure, but I'll find out next week
Maternity clothes: My wonderful husband bought me all kinds for my bday. That's what I have to wear now.
Stretch marks: None... WooHoo!
Sleep: Now that I have my body pillow, I'm sleeping so much better.
Best moment last week: Someone actually recognized I'm pregnant
Movement: Tons
Food cravings: I am eating alot of spicy foods.... and Gatorade. I have noticed that I am eating alot of lemons too.
Gender: I am still thinking BOY, We'll find out in 6 days
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out: It's still in but changing
What I miss: Staying up late with my husband
What I am looking forward to: My doctors appt tomorrow
Milestones: 4 months now

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

17 Weeks

Baby's skeleton is hardening, changing from rubbery cartilage to bone, and fat is finally accumulating around it. The umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger, and those little fingers and toes are now topped by one-of-a-kind prints.

Today, I am officially 17 weeks pregnant. I can't believe how fast everything is going. I feel like it was just yesterday I told Scott that I was pregnant. I am getting so close to my half way point, I can't wait. We go back in 2 weeks to find out the sex of the baby. We still haven't decided on a boys name. We got a book with 100,000 baby names and still can't make up our mind. Our baby is moving and flipping like crazy. Everytime I try to fall asleep, little one wakes me up. There is no way to describe the feelings I have when this happens. It's starting to become more real to me. I am ready to start decorating the nursery anyday now. We have a border that needs to be taken down first and I think the past owners may have super glued it to the walls.

This past Saturday was our 1 year anniversary. I can't believe that it's been a year already. So much has happened since that day. We bought a house, got a new dog, found out we were pregnant and Scott got a new job. So much to take in during your first year of marriage. We actually didn't celebrate our anniversary till Sunday. Scott had to work Saturday night at the casino. We went to Carrabba's for dinner, which was amazing. I think we ordered enought food for 4 people. After that, we just went home and watched TV and spent time with our puppies.
I spent Saturday at the "Dahl" family reunion. It's always this time of year. I always look forward to it. My cousin Matthew came in town with 2 of his 3 kids from Oregon. I haven't seen him in 13 years. He looked the exact same. I was so excited to see all of my family and all the kids. They grow up so fast. I can't help but think that we will have a little one there next year. It was the perfect day for an outside party. But when I left at 9 p.m. I was exhausted and went home and straight to bed with my pups.
Here is this weeks update:
How far along: 17 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 5 lbs
Maternity clothes: Having a hard time wearing regular tops.... Going to Motherhood Maternity soon
Stretch marks: none... WooHoo!
Sleep: Go to bed early now, usually between 9:30 and 10:30 I fall asleep on the couch
Best moment last week: Actually looking pregnant and not fat
Movement: Tons, especially after I eat or trying to sleep
Food Cravings: I really want some salt water taffy.... How weird is that?? and Fazoli's bread sticks
Gender: I can't tell.... Heartrate is still around 150 to 160 bpm so I think girl but I honestly think boy
Labor signs: None
Belly Button in or out: It's starting to make its way out. I have noticed that I play with it alot... weird
What I miss: Staying up late
What I am looking forward to: I really want Scott to feel the baby move and kick. I can't wait to see his face.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Name Game

The closer our ultrasound gets, the more confused we are. Scott & I were set on Logan Scott & Isabella Rose for our names. Now, Isabella Rose isn't going anywhere... I love the name. But we are on the fence about Logan Scott. I have sat at the computer for hours looking at names and have come up with a couple that I love.
  • Liam
  • Landon
  • Peyton
  • Ashton
  • Kolton
  • Grady
  • Trevin
  • Skyler
  • Trenton
  • Bryson
  • Ethan
  • Holden

I gave these to Scott and he likes Ashton & Kolton. It's such a hard decision b/c this is what our child will have for the rest of our lives. I don't want a common name like mine b/c it was so hard growing up and having 5 Ashleys in your class. If anyone has suggestions, I am completely open to them. I have to have a name picked out by the time we find out. And with the doctor guessing that it's a boy, and my families history of boy making... We have to have a boy name. I am so stressed about this. PLEASE HELP!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Neutral Baby Clothes

This past week we took some time to buy our first baby clothes. Not knowing if we are having a boy or girl, we bought everything in green & yellow. I didn't want to buy anything designer or really expensive. Just some basic clothes that if they get spit up on or pooped on, I'm not going to care. I have heard from many people to buy a lot of sleeper gowns. They are so easy for changing diapers in the middle of the night. I have to say... I absolutely loved baby clothes shopping. I loved seeing all the cute little dresses for girls and overalls and sweater vests for boys. 3 weeks till we find out and I'm sure there will be a lot more shopping that day. Here are some of the things we purchased.

I also received an email Friday afternoon that I had won a contest through It was called "first impressions". You were to write a short paragraph about your favorite childhood memory. I wrote how I loved having my whole family in the same neighborhood practically. We are such a close family and my family members are my best friends. I hope that our children are just as close as my cousins and I were. Here is what we won...