Thursday, December 17, 2009

35 weeks/ 35 days to go!!

Tuesday marked a big milestone for me... I am now 35 weeks along and I only have 35 days to go till my due date. I honestly don't see myself making it to January but that's my opinion. I have been having alot of cramping and tightening in my belly. I sure hope this means I am starting to make some progress. I go to the doctor on Tuesday Dec 22 for my 36 week checkup. After this, I will start my weekly appts. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Tyler has decided to turn and that I won't have to have a c-section. As crazy as it sounds, I really want to experience the whole vaginal child birth and everything that my body is made to do.

I have recently started nesting.... I mean really bad. Moving furniture and cleaning in every crack and corner. I am dusting about once a day and trying to get every single piece of dog hair up along the way.

How far along: 35 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: according to my scale I have not gained or lost any weight
Maternity clothes: Very few... I think I have 3 pair of pants that fit and about 5 shirts
Stretch marks: None, Thank god for my mothers genes
Sleep: Getting worse.... I have waking up b/c of all the cramping and having to use the restroom every hour
Best moment last week: Having a day to pamper myself and get my hair done
Movement: Tyler is not kicking or punching anymore, it feels like he is just rolling around
Food cravings: Mexican, Mexican, Mexican... I had it 4 times in one week
Labor Signs: Not sure if this cramping could be the start to some contractions or what... They are getting pretty intense and I am feeling them in my back now.
Belly Button in or out: Way out
What I miss: being able to get off the couch without help and not having to roll out of bed.
What I am looking forward to: Christmas with my mom's family this weekend and my 36 week checkup... I hope they do an ultrasound to see if he has flipped.
Milestones: Only 35 days to go.... But I hope less

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