Friday, July 17, 2009


I have began the search for the perfect bedding and furniture. I am picking a couple out for a girl and for a boy and a few that are neutral. Everything I am finding are online and not available in a store so I'm kind of disappointed that I wouldn't be able to see it before I buy it. Here are some of my ideas....

This is called Isabella: I absolutely love this but I would have dark furniture. I originally wanted all white furniture, but the more I think about it, I can just see a 3 year old with a crayon write all over it. We are wanting to buy a convertible bed. It turns from crib to toddler bed to full size bed.

Abby Rose:


Mod Butterfly:

Mud Puddle Pink:


Town & Country:




Frogs & Bugs:

Mod Turtle:

Night, Night:


Puppy Tales:



My favorites for girls are mud puddle pink, naples, isabella and abby rose... I love the brown & pink.

My favorites for the boys are pinwheel, venice, frogs & bugs and bailey.

I didn't get a chance to post on Tuesday. It's been pretty hectic this week. So here is what's going on....

How far along: 13 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Up 2 lbs. from what I was when I found out I was pregnant

Maternity clothes: I am wearing my maternity jeans and I have bought a couple tops but my regular tanks still fit too.

Stretch Marks: None... WOOHOO! Just getting a heat rash on my belly.

Sleep: Restless.... Can't seem to get comfy anymore.

Best moment last week: I can now feel my uterus and its the weirdest feeling ever..

Movement: None yet... but I'm waiting.

Food Cravings: I have been eating alot of BLT's lately.

Gender: GIRL GIRL GIRL... At least that's what I keep being told from friends and family.

Labor Signs: None... Too early

Belly Button in or out: I have noticed that there is a change. It's not as deep as it once was.

What I miss: Working out for 2 hours.

What I am looking forward to: Our next appt in 11 days and I can't wait to feel some movement.

Milestones: My belly is getting harder everyday. I love feeling it!

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  1. yes I agree with the darker furniture...although I hadn't thought of crayons so good idea there. My favorite two for girl are Town & Country and Abby Rose, and my favorites for boy are Frogs & Bugs and Mod Turtle. I think they also have a Mod Ladybug for girls that is super cute. So there's my thoughts. I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU'RE HAVING!!